walk-ins disallowed temporarily

due to social-distancing -- reservations required 

In order to comply with Governor Sununu's Stay at Home 2.0 Retail Business Reopening Guidelines, we are taking limited table reservations to maintain no more than 50% capacity and also comply with social-distancing requirements. 

The studio's layout does not allow for 6-foot distancing if people are browsing the shelves while others are seated for painting their pottery.  Therefore, we will require painters to order their pottery online when making their table reservation (up to 6 painters per table time) -- this will allow pottery to be ready for painters at the beginning of their 2-hour table reservation time period.

As of December 1, 2020 (due to rising Cornonavirus cases in NH), seating times will be staggered by 2 hours and 15 minutes so that only one household is seated at a time.  Masks are required, as well as hand sanitizing at the entry to the studio.

PLEASE NOTE:  Pottery-To-Go Kits will still be offered (and are encouraged!), at least until "normal" studio operations can be begun again.  Curb-side pickups and dropoffs are still scheduled (in advance) during published studio hours.

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HOw IT (normally) WORKS

It's so easy, and doesn't even require artistic know-how (though artists DO enjoy this activity too!)  

Picked ...

Painted ...


You come in, check out what's on our shelves, and pick your favorite piece of bisque to paint -- we have lots of choices, and many samples already painted and fired, to help get your creative juices flowing! 


Next, we will give you some brief instructions, and you choose a table where you will let your own personal creativity prevail.  Or, we can point you to some instruction cards if you want a guide to a specific technique. 


After you paint your piece, we fire it in our kiln, and seven days later, you can pick up your masterpiece!  And great news -- your fired piece will be food-safe, so you can use it for years to come.


How much will your masterpiece cost? Great question!  Each piece of bisque is labeled with a price that covers your paint, glazing if necessary, and firing -- there are no extra studio fees.  The bisque pieces range in price from $5 to $100, but the average piece is between $15 and $35.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Last reserved seating is 2 hours before closing. The studio may close early

if there are no painters in the studio.


Please call to make sure we are still here, if you plan to pick up your fired items late in the day.